Mizo Amin Striving to Become Qatar’s Best 3-points Shooter

Mohammed Hassan A Mohammed AKA Mizo Amin is a professional basketball player who is currently the team captain of the AI Rayyan Sports club and Qatar’s National basketball team. He has been playing basketball ever since he was 5 years old, his father discovered his talent very early and put him on the right track by training him as his coach. At age 28, he is playing the guard position for AI Rayyan Doha in the Qatari Basketball League.

He entered the Qatar basketball league at age 17, making him the youngest player to ever get drafted into the Qatari league.

Mizo Amin About Me

Mizo currently among the top-five three-point shooters in Asia, however, his goal is to be Qatar’s best three-point shooter. For most basketball fans, he is best known as Qatar’s King of Threes (KO3). That is why he works vigorously to improve his physique and wellbeing, he works on 500 shots daily which sums up to thousands of shots in just one week.

 He is particularly strict about his sleep and exercise; he strongly believes that each person should get their 8 hours of sleep daily or else they will not be able to perform. For him, exercise is not just for fitness but for the wellness of the mind and wellbeing. He has a very unique style of playing too, with his ability to shoot with or without dribbles. He also has deadly step backs and side steps that can isolate the defender. Not to mention his quick release and ability to shoot from long-range.

He was the team’s best scorer in the 2016 FIBA Asia challenge where he represented Qatar’s national basketball team in Tehran, Iran.

After defeating Iraq in a very important match, Mizo the KO3 (King of Threes) as they call him, was able to lead Qatar’s National team into the final round of FIBA basketball World cup qualifiers.

Mizo Amin aka (Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed) mentioned by FIBA Top 7 3 point shooters in Asia

Team Leaders

World Cup Qualifiers 2019 Final Round.

Mizo Amin #1 aka (Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed) 3 Points Step Back Good vss Australia Guard #18

How he led his team into the world cup qualifications

After losing to Iran at the last moment, this game with Iraq was critical for Qatar. The team was uncertain about its qualification to the world cup, they did not need a draw at that moment all they needed was a win. As the game unfolded, both teams were scoring quickly; the score was a tie after playing full time.

It seemed like Iraq was going to win and Mizo’s teammates were very demoralized. Mizo reminded them that the game was at home and they had the home support. They, therefore, decided to utilize the remaining 5 minutes to turn things in their favor. These words had a great impact on the players who went back dedicated to winning.

During the extra time, Mizo single-handedly scored 16 points despite the unimaginable pressure, shooting three of those points at a very crucial time. That way he led Qatar into the final round of the qualifiers. In the final moments of the game, Iraq scored pushing the game to extra time.

Mizo Amin aka (Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed) mentioned by FIBA 2017


The top Three-point gunner has awesome memories from games in China, Japan, of course, India and Lebanon to mention a few. He remained dedicated to the game showing desire to mentor a younger generation and to give his all to his team and each game.

The Best 3 Points Shooter GCC Award 2017

Mizo Amin aka (Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed) Labeled Best 3 Point Shooter at the Gulf Region
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