Mizo Amin lifting the Emir cup trophy
Team Captain Mizo Amin leads Al Rayyan Basketball Team to victory in the Emir Cup Basketball Champions League 2019-2020. Al Rayyan Sports Club is a Qatari professional basketball team based in Omm Alafai in the city of Al-Rayyan, Qatar. Al Rayyan is one of Qatar’s most successful basketball clubs, with many domestic and international titles. It is part of the Al Rayyan Sports Club multisport club. The 2019-2020 season was a tough season for Mizo Amin also known as Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed because of his hamstring injury, but he overcame the injury and won the Emir Cup, which is the most valuable cup in Qatar. When Mizo Amin was away from his team, treating his hamstring injury in the hospital, his team was continuously losing and was in the 7th position. After rejoining with his squad, Mizo Amin motivates his teammates and leads his team from 7th place to 1st place.
Mizo Amin lifting the emir cup trophy wearing the golden medal

Coming from the 7th place to 1st place was a challenging journey, stated by the Captain of Al Rayyan Basketball Team and King of Threes (KO3), Mizo Amin.

The Journey of Mizo Amin and Al Rayyan SC as Champions

During his time treating his injury, Mizo Amin was preparing for a strong comeback and had only one goal to hold the trophy and bring back the gold to his teammates and team. After returning to the team, Mizo Amin and his teammates played a significant role and created a huge impact to win the Emir Cup. Al Rayyan Basketball Team has won the championship because of their player’s and management sacrifices, psychological support, and, most importantly, taking up the heat together. Mizo Amin started a fighting spirit within his teammates and told his teammates not to give up but to fight back. After winning some games, Al Rayyan reached Quater Finals, and they play against the league champions, Al Shamal, and they defeated them with the quick- thinking, strategies, and efforts of Mizo Amin and his teammates. Then, Al Rayyan Basketball Team played the semifinal against AL Gharafa, and they beat Al Gharafa by 21 points, reaching the finals. In the finals, Al Rayyan Basketball Team played against the tough A Sadd Team, a team that consists of Ex Former Professional Player Dominic James. The final between the two teams was fascinating and nail-biting. The game ended up 82-78, crowning AL Rayyan Basketball Team as Champions. After the match, the Al Rayyan Basketball Team roster had a great line up celebrating their victory. The Al Rayyan Basketball Team has won the championship because they acted as one when it matters most.

Mizo Amin leads a l Rayyan SC lifting a trophy with mr Rashid al Abdulla

Mizo Amin showed others how a leader should be when his team is losing, and his teammates responded to his plans, strategies, etc. Without his teammates, Mizo Amin and Al Rayyan Basketball Team should not have won the championship. He showed great leadership qualities and molds his younger teammates to handle pressure situations and leads them to victory. After the league, Mizo Amin is considered the middle child of Qatar’s Basketball because he participated and noticed Qatar’s Basketball’s golden era. Mizo Amin has won so many championships in the Gulf region, the Arabian region, and Asia. As the older generation is retiring, Mizo Amin has to step up and lead the younger generation into winning a trophy, which is precisely Mizo Amin has done with his confident, hardworking, and fighting spirit.