his excellency sheikh saoud bin abdulrahman al thani giving the golden medal to player mizo amin

Mizo Amin Leauge Winner with his Excellency Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

After Al Rayyan SC Basketball Team Won Qatar’s Leauge , Mizo Amin and his teammates celebrated winning the final game on the court. before getting ready to receive their golden medals, and holding Qatar’s Leauge Champions Trophy from the Vice President of Qatar’s Olympic Committee his Excellency Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani . 

Young Mizo Amin had a huge impact on most of his team wins. In other words, he lead Al Rayyan SC to a victory.

mizo amin and team manager salah Ateeq holding a 300000 QR Check after wining the leauge
Mizo Amin and Team Manager Saleh Ateeq holding the check for al Rayyan SC basketball team after winning the 1st place prize 300000 QR

Number 24 from Al Rayyan SC Mizo Amin is holding Qatar Basketball Leauge Trophy


At This age it was an exciting challenge for me to play with Leslie Chauncey .
Whom on the court was one of the most skilled Point Guards, which I have ever played with!

His ability to score from drives and create isolations to attack the basket.
made it easier for Mizo to shoot from behind the 3 point line,


red jersey number 24 Mizo Amin holding qatar's Leauge trophy

Said Mizo I enjoy Chauncey’s company, ON/OFF the court because he used to tell us interesting stories in the Lockeroom!.

Spiting defenders and finding Mizo for the wide open threes was impressive to watch .

winning takes training and hard work.
Mizo ended up scoring 28 points

Champions train losers complain

it was a challenge for me to compete against all those players older. than me for the SG Spot , that’s why I never complained and started to work on strengthening my leg and back muscles.

having a healthy season was my main goal , therefore I felt that if I was healthy and in good shape, I will be fit to play more minutes only then I will be able to help my teammates .

running the Point guard spot was an exciting job .

mizo amin vs cory bradford
Mizo Amin Defense vs Cory Bradford from Al Ahly Sports Club


his excellency sheikh saoud bin abdulrahman al thani giving the golden medal to player mizo amin