The session was hosted at ACS Doha’s sports facility where Qatar national basketball team captain Mizo Amin took on the school’s basketball team, the Doha Wolves.

With a mission to empower students through sports, ACS International School Doha hosted a Qatar national basketball team player in a friendly game followed by a motivational session on the power of sports.
The session was hosted at ACS Doha’s state-of-the-art sports facility where Qatar national basketball team captain Mizo Amin took on the school’s basketball team, the Doha Wolves.
“ACS Doha has been inspiring students to stay active and continue applying the lessons they learn through sport to achieve success in their daily lives. It was held in line with the ethos of the school’s sport’s mantra ‘Awaken Your Wolf’, which focuses on teamwork, resilience and mindfulness,” the school said in a statement.
Amin said, “It makes me extremely happy to see ACS Doha’s commitment to sports as a source of physical and mental well-being that is crucial for kids in their teen years. Exercise is very important for the body and soul. We had a great time playing with the Wolves and are excited to see where their skills will lead them – in basketball and life.”
Chris Quinn, athletic director at ACS Doha, added: “At ACS Doha, we pride ourselves on upholding the values of a holistic education, using the power of sports to promote the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the community. For us, this has meant driving sports activities that engage students throughout the year to always empower our community.”
Cementing its commitment to sports, ACS Doha has also recently signed an agreement with BE Basketball, Qatar’s leading basketball provider. The agreement makes ACS Doha the exclusive partner of the basketball provider, gaining access to the provider’s fully qualified, professional and experienced trainers to endorse the sport in the student community, the statement notes.
Attending the event and commenting on the partnership, a spokesperson at BE Basketball said: “BE Basketball is proud to join hands with ACS Doha, seeing its rigorous efforts to promote sports within its community. Through this partnership, we are excited to bring our dedicated and professional BE Basketball school programmes on ACS Doha’s campus where students can learn about fundamental basketball skills first-hand from our professional trainers.”
ACS Doha is a strong advocate of extra-curricular and sports activities with many initiatives specifically catered to enriching students’ lives outside of the classroom, the statement adds. Despite Covid-19 limitations, ACS Doha has managed to engage its students in a string of extensive sports activities carried out throughout the year. These competitions have included hill sprints at Aspire Park, the ‘Up and Over’ challenge at Al Bidda Park, online yoga sessions and the Lusail Marina step challenge.
Additionally, the school has hosted interactive and innovative Zoom workshops by Dr Greg Dale, director of Sport Psychology and Leadership at Duke University, on topics surrounding the use of sports to champion success in day-to-day life through goal setting, commitment and discipline.