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Nutrition & Supplement Plan Customized By Dr Nelda Nader


The plan is designed for your current body and your current goals

Dietitian: Nelda Nader Patient: Mohamad Hasan (Mizo) Date: 14/3/2021


✓ 3 Tbsp. steel cut oats (40 g)
✓ 1 c. low fat Milk

✓ 10 pc. Strawberries or 1 apple

 or 1/2 c. pineapple (1/2 fruit) or 1 c. berries

✓ 1 Tbsp. honey

✓ 8 pc. Walnuts or 12 pc. Almonds or 12 pc cashews


✓ 1 fruit or 4 pc. Dried fruits or 4 pc. walnuts or 10 almond
✓ Vegetable sticks (carrot + cucumber+ cherry tomatoes) with 2 Tbsp. hummus


  • ✓  150-180 g lean meat(beef)  or chicken (without skin, breast) or fish grilled

  • ✓  150 g. brown rice or 180 g brown pasta or 1 1⁄2 medium potato or 120 g potato mashed

  • ✓  1 green salad or cooked vegetables (NO corn, NO green peas, NO carrots, NO potato, NO cheese, NO eggs) medium bowl + 2 Tbsp. oil for seasoning

  • ✓  1 tsp. chia or flax seeds with the salad

    SNACK 2 30 minutes before training:

    ✓ 3 pc. dates ✓ 1 banana

    SNACK 3 within 30 minutes of end of training:

    ✓ 1 scoop whey protein + 330 ml low fat milk
    ✓ 1 fruit

Prepared by: Nelda Nader , Nelda.Nader@aspetar.com

DINNER 2 times per week: not on heavy training days ( LOW CARB DAYS )

✓ 150-200 g grilled lean beef meat or chicken (without skin, breast) or fish ✓ 120 g vegetable sauté (NO corn, NO carrots, NO peas, NO potato)

DINNER 4 times per week: ( HIGH Carb MEAL )

✓ Same as lunch portions


✓ 1 c. fruit salad
✓ 1 slice toast + 2 Tbsp. peanut butter

Bedtime snack (mandatory on training days):

✓ 1 c. Greek yoghurt 2%
Table of content 

c. ————-cup (250 ml) Tbsp.———tablespoon tsp.———– teaspoon
g ————–grams pc————–piece(s)


  • –  Vegetables can include: lettuce all kinds, kale, spinach, rocket, cucumber, tomato, mushroom,

    beansprout, okra, cauliflower, broccoli

    , green beans

  • –  Avoid sauces based with milk and/or creams

  • –  Avoid soups based with milk and/or creams

  • Avoid farmed fish such as tilapia or farmed salmon, try and find haddock fish instead!

  • Use lots of herbs and spices when cooking any meal to add flavor and also to make use of their anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory effects

  • Add kale, (كرنب)


    or other greens in shakes/smoothies to add fiber and increase nutrition

  • You will do the number of prescribed high carb days followed by the number of prescribed low carb days. It has nothing to do with the week, you just do however many high and then the same for the low and repeat, and a cheat on every third high day. If you do not lose fat fast enough, add one extra low day – this gives you leverage and more control on what to do without the monitoring. Want to push harder for fat loss, simply add one more low carb day.

  • On off days, do not take the carbohydrate and protein powder shake, instead, eat a meal, if it’s a low carb day, just protein and veggies, if its high carb day, use carbs with the same macros as the post workout shake.

  • Chicken is measured after cooking, and also meat. Rice is measured after cooking.

  • You can have one cheat meal every third high day, but the first 3 weeks, no cheats. (on

    a high carb day, preferably, every 3rd high carb day)

  • You can have 2 squares of dark chocolate a day, 78% or 85% by lindt.

  • You can have a cheat meal every 30 days – on a high carb day – just a burger and fries – preferably homemade.

The Diet

The High Carb and Low Carb Days

Number of High Carb Days: 1

Number of Low Carb Days: 4

Cardio On The Stairmaster After Everyday except Leg Day: 25 Minutes

The plan is designed for your current body and your current goals

This is High Carb Day

@13:00: [ 1 pm ]

200 ml of water with lemon + 5 grams of glutamine  + 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

@13:15: [ 1:15 pm]

2 egg + 3 egg whites (You can make this as an omelette with PAM Spray not with Oil) + 100 g oatmeal + 1 apple + multi vitamin + 2 grams of CLA  + your coffee

@17:30:  [ 5: 30 pm ]

1.5 Scoop Whey Isolate

Workout @ 18:00 [6:00 pm ]


1.5 scoop whey isolate +1 apple +2 grams of l-carnitine tartrate +10 gram of eaa + 5g glutamine

@20:00: [8:00pm]

6 oz haddock fish fillet + 300 g brown rice + bowl of salad with lettuce, cucumber, green onion, green pepper, parsley + 0.5 Tbspn olive oil+ balsamic vinegar+lemon and salt

@23:30: [ 11: 30 pm ]

6 oz Fish fillet or 2 cans of tuna + 2 brown toast or you can have 150 grams sweet potato + can add mustard and other herbs

@2:30: [ 2:30 am ]

6 oz chicken breast + 250 g sweet potato+bowl of salad with lettuce, cucumber, green onion, green pepper, parsley + balsamic vinegar

**Please don’t substitute fish with chicken as we are being very picky with macros – you can only substitute chicken with LEAN TURKEY BREAST – not a cold cut

**I took out all the supplements and kept the things that I know are aceeptable globally – but you

should also check to see that they are 100% legit although there is no reason to think they are not.

**For sure I have not added any steroids and no need to – we can bring you down easily.

This is Low Carb Day

@13:00: [ 1 pm ]

200 ml of water with lemon + 5 grams of glutamine + 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar+1 scoop of lean mode by evolution nutrition from www.bodybuilding.com

@13:15: [ 1:15 pm]

 3 egg + 40 g oatmeal (you can add unsweetened almond milk to this + multi vitamin + 2 grams of CLA + your coffee + 3g of omega 3 

@1:00:  [ 1 am ]

1.5 Scoop Whey Isolate+ 1 apple (or you can have 100 grams of berries – strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. 

Workout @ 18:00 [6:00 pm ]

PostWorkout: 2 scoop whey isolate + 2grams of l-carnitine tartrate+10 gram of eaa+10g glutamine 

@20:30: [8:30pm]

 2 Can canned tuna + 100 g brown rice + bowl of salad with lettuce, cucumber, green onion, green pepper, parsley + 0.5 Tea spoon olive oil + lemon + 2 grams of CLA. (you can replace the 2 cans of tuna with 6 oz of fish fillet) 

@23:00: [ 11pm ]

6 oz fish fillet + 100 g brown rice + 2 cucumbers, 2 bell peppers, 2 grams of CLA 

@3:00: [ 3 am ]

6 oz chicken breast (same as above with the chicken breast) + 0.5 avocado + Steamed vegetables

** The problem with the initial diet that brought you down is that although it places you in a deep caloric  deficit it doesn’t have a higher protein content that will allow you to build muscle as well. As an athlete you are a working out hard and you should build good muscle. Building good muscle stays with you and 

allows you to burn more fat. That’s why you will find diets with deep caloric deficit in adequate for the long term. 

What you are allowed to use:

  • mustard

  • salt

  • diet Pepsi or 7up or zero coke

  • bake your chicken

  • any herbs on food

  • ketchup in moderation

    What you should completely limit:

  • candy

  • chocolates

  • fruit juices

  • BBQ sauces and such sauces with high sugar

  • sugar

    How to cook your chicken:


  • Bake in the oven. No oil. you can do eggs using pam spray, but only a quick spray so it doesn’t stick to the pan, and scramble.

  • Rice and veggies always steamed.


    • Whey protein isolate – isotope by redcon1

    • EAA

    • Omega 3- 3000 mg per day

    • Magnesium 200 mg before bed (any brand)

      Multi vitamin – rainbow one performance from amazon

      • Zinc 50 mg per day

      • Vitamin C – 2000 mg per day

      • Vitamin E – 1000 mg per day

      • Vitamin D – 5000 iu per day

Meal substitutes


Sweet potatoes
Brown rice


Orange Roughy
Alaskan Salmon
COD fish


MCT oil
Omega 3

Fruits ( Fiber & Fruits )


Vegetables ( Fiber )

Bell peppers

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Final recommendations:

For protection and as well as a good way to get motivated, get the strength belt from ironbull. It will protect you while lifting heavy. You will need it

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