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National Basketball star Mizo Amin talks about his daily routine, favorite videogames, gemstone collection, and hacking his brain

Doha, August 23, 2019:  Al-Rayyan Sport Club’s hot-shot guard and arguably one of the top shooting guards in Asia, Mizo Amin, sat down for a quick interview about his personal life. Amin—standing 6 feet 3 inches— has become the new face of basketball in Qatar, thanks to his devastating buzzer-beater, killer jump-shot, and un-guardable crossovers throughout this season.

Most recently, Amin launched a clothing business, Punchy Store. The new brand quickly became fans’ favorite for its uniqueness and flexibility. The clothing line is “not strictly limited to athletes,” as Mizo Amin stated on his Instagram. Our interviewer, Malak Rashid, met with Mizo to talk about his daily routine, hobbies, and approach in life in general.

Check out the full interview below: 

Mizo Amin with his 22 golden medals

Malak Rashid : What does your daily routine look like? How many meals do you have per day?

Mizo Amin : Actually, it depends on the situation of the day. If it’s a normal practice, I’ll wake up around 11 A.M. have a small breakfast, consisting of some tea, a yogurt and a banana probably, and then I would check my social media, interact with everyone who comments on my pages. I then have my lunch. Nothing too heavy. After that, I call my daughter and we chat for some time, and before I know it, it’s already time for practice, and then I hit the gym right after for as long as I do. So, it’s approximately 4-5 hours of practice which is necessary during the season because I have to keep maintaining my figure and fine-tune everything.

Mizo Amin Luba Hassan Paris

Malak Rashid : With all of the travel and early mornings, are you a coffee or tea person?

Mizo Amin : Both actually! I was a tea person who came to love coffee. I even bought a coffee machine for my amusement. This thing is bomb. That doesn’t mean that I skip on my daily tea shot “Karak” which is a lovely tea with milk that is famous in the Gulf region.

Malak Rashid : Is it true that you have a gemstone collection?

Mizo Amin : Of course it is. My collection is massive. I love stones, all types of gemstones. I’ve got stuff like Ruby, Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli and many others. I believe that gem-collecting has become my most recent hobby. It is surely expensive, but it is also very rewarding. When you read about each gemstone and the effect it can have on your life, you’ll be amazed. Of course there are gems that should not be owned, as they can lower your health and stamina since they have a draining nature.

Malak Rashid : How long have you been into videogames? What is your favorite videogame?

Mizo Amin : I love videogames, my favorites are: GTA San Andreas, God of War, and of course the NBA 2k Series

Malak Rashid : What is your advice to aspiring basketball players who want to follow your routine?

Mizo Amin : I would say, don’t exhaust yourself. Build up to it gradually, and if you feel like you can’t do it, or if it’s too much, take it back a notch.

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