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Coach Al Durrah Customized Body Transformation Program

Getting Your Desired Form


Name: Mizo Amin

Country: Egypt

Height: 193 cm

Age: 30 ( in 3rd of August 2021 )

Weight: 105.0 Kg

HI Mizo,

Since you want to get in great shape we will go a bit radical with the diet and the caloric drop. You may be tired but push through. Let’s try and get you down to 93 KG before the season starts. I would get some dumbbells and home working appartus to make things more difficult in the workout but its still valid without.

Main Things To Focus On Beside Workouts, Recovering and Sleeping !


Walking is so critical to a person’s well being so Please start off by walking daily around 5000 steps daily which is approx. 25 minutes and then gradually increase 500 steps per week until you reach 10k steps. On your off days please try to walk 7k steps and gradually increase to 10k.

The Diet Plan

The diet I made you is a carb cycling diet which will help keep your metabolism high, and the refeeds will make you grow, cardio there obviously to help burn fat along with the supplements. Just please keep in mind the supplements will only help what is already there given you’re doing and following the diet 100%. There is no 95% for goals like this.

The Supplement Plan

The supplement plan is also included, there are some supplements in there that cannot be substituted by any other supplements such as the 44.99 $ ISOTOPE Lactose Free 

or the 89.99 $ ISOTOPE Lactose Free  

by REDCON1 and a few others which I will highlight in Red Color. As for the others you may substitute with other brands. In any case this is the link to the Redcon1 supplement website,  Also use my discount code durrah20 for 20% off your cart. I’d get them asap because they take time to arrive.

For some of the supplements, this is the link: HERE  And to get 20% discount, use in the coupon code, write durrah20.
I would do that asap because it can take a while to arrive!

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